Judy Moody Girl Detective

Author: Megan McDonald
Title: Judy Moody Girl Detective
Series: Judy Moody
Illustrator: Peter Reynolds
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Reading Level: Ages 6-9
Available In: Paperback, Hardback

Judy Moody is in a mood.  An honest-to-jeepers, Nancy Drew mystery-solving mood.  What's a WBMS (world's  best mystery solver) to do?
Go in search of a mystery, of course!  Judy Drewdy and her chums, Agents Dills Pickle (Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky),  and James Madagascar (Stink), find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a real-life, scare-your-pants-off whodunit when Mr. Chips, a crime-dog-in-training, goes missing.
Was Mr. Chips stolen by evil dog nappers?  And why are chocolate-chip cookies disappearing all over town?  Agent Judy Drewdy is on the case!


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